Water Quality Analysis

Water Quality Analysis

We accepts water quality and nutrient solution analysis. (*This service is available only in Japan.*)

We analyze ten "essential elements" and sodium ion indispensable for plants' life in nutrient solution with using atomic absorption spectrophotometer or colorimetric method. For water quality analysis, in addition to the same item as nutrient analysis, measure the concentration of chlorine ion and bicarbonate ion by titrimetric analysis.

Analysis Items

Nutrient Solution Analysis Nitrogen[Nitrate Form](me/L), Phosphoric Acid(me/L), Potash(me/L), Calcium(me/L), Magnesium(me/L), Sulfuric Acid(me/L), Manganese(ppm), Iron(ppm), Copper(ppm), Zinc(ppm), Sodium(ppm)
Water Quality Analysis Nitrogen[Nitrate Form](me/L)、Phosphoric Acid(me/L)、Potash(me/L)、Calcium(me/L)、Magnesium(me/L)、Sulfuric Acid(me/L)、Manganese(ppm)、Iron(ppm)、Copper(ppm)、Zinc(ppm)、Sodium(ppm)、Chlorine(ppm)、Bicarbonate(me/L)

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