HYPONICA plant is a type of DFT (Deep Flow Technique) plant specifically designed for HYPONICA technology. By controlling liquid fertilizer concentration, liquid temperature and other important factors with unique liquid circulation methods, HYPONICA system provides stable and homogeneous environment.

HYPONICA systems are designed with an idea of not controlling plants (vegetables) but providing optimal environment in order to derive maximal potential of plants.Improve work efficiency with central management, HYPONICA technology enables stable production. With utilizing sun radiation or using artificial lighting like as LED in complete closed plant factory.

system component

Greenhouse Leaf Vegetable Plant (Type I, Type II)

By using leaf vegetable system, the vegetables can be harvested after 40 days from seed sawing.Planting beds are installed on solid stands in a certain height, therefore the workers can work entire process without crouching. It is easy to move mulching panels even after transplanting. This feature improves working efficiency.

Leaf Vegetable Plant1

Leaf Vegetable Plant2

Leaf Vegetable Plant3

Leaf Vegetable Plant4

Greenhouse Fruit Vegetable Plant (Type D, Type F, Type S)

Combination of HYPONICA system and sunlight enables production of better nutrition vegetables quicker than conventional soil planting.We offer Type D & Type F "Vertical training culture" for high yield system and type S "horizontal extensive culture" for better quality.

Fruit Vegetable Plant1

Fruit Vegetable Plant2

Fruit Vegetable Plant3

Fruit Vegetable Plant4

Artificial Light Type Plant

HYPONICA system can be used for complete closed plant factory with artificial light such as LED and fluorescent light.HYPONICA systems are customizable to multistage cultivation beds unit according to the installation space or usage styles.

Artificial Light Type Plant1

Artificial Light Type Plant2

Artificial Light Type Plant3

Artificial Light Type Plant4

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