- I'll overcome the modern agriculture problems facing us and food shortage. -

Under his philosophy, SHIGEO NOZAWA –founder of KYOWA co., LTD. – invented unique hydroponic system "HYPONICA" in 1970.

This revolutionary planting technology "HYPONICA" was created based on researches of "Plants' life", and its planting theory is a lot different from conventional planting technologies. So far, "HYPONICA" has archived baring around 17,000 pieces of tomatoes from only one seed. This achievement does not depend on genetic engineering or special type of fertilizers.

In conventional planting technologies, human control the plants. However, in "HYPONICA", control the environment for the plants. This method improves productivity dramatically in order to derive the maximal potential that plants have in nature. "HYPONICA" is a revolutionary planting technology that is completely different from conventional liquid planting or soil planting technologies (such as hydroponics, rock wool, coconut shell).

tomato by horizontal planting culuture
melon by horizontal planting culuture

RootsThe secret of HYPONICA plants growing big is in the roots.

Under HYPONICA environment, a plant can grow the roots freely without inhibitions of solid soil or planting medium. By stimulate maximal growth of roots, the plant absorb more nutrition, and built stronger body with more resistance to pests. With above reasons, under HYPONICA technology, plants grow faster and bigger than conventional soil planting.

In general, soil planting technologies managing plants according to the environmental changes, on the other hand, HYPONICA manages environmental factors such as "temperature", "humidity" etc. in order to provide very stable environment to plants. HYPONICA technology enables you to harvest in high standard with or without your farming experiences.

root of tomato

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